Join the thousands of people doing Veganuary!

As a cruelty free company we are doing it too 💚
2020 was a scary, but if its made one thing clear it's that we need to start making some changes so we don't see a repeat of last year again! 😵

And baby, if that's not enough of a reason for you...you cray cray but HERE IS 10 MORE :

1. Who made a new years resolution to loose weight but still munching like im on my Christmas Holidays? 🙋‍♀️ Switching to a plant based diet can help you shed the unwanted pounds without feeling tired or hungry like a fad diet does.. . .and...

2. YOU CAN STILL EAT ALL YOUR FAVORITE FOODS! When people think vegan they think carrot and celery sticks, but there is yummy vegan alternative on virtually all your favorite food products.

3. Craving a dirty burger? Sure why not! It's never been easier! There is tons of great veggie options from local Irish companies like DENNY or you can never go wrong with QUORN. (always check the box for the vegan friendly stamp)

4. Save money! Meat is more expensive then vegetables, eat less meat = save more money. I don't need to tell you why that's great straight after Christmas 💵

5. Did you know that VEGANS SAVE 200 ANIMALS A YEAR? Even if we cut our meat consumption in half, that's a lot of animals I'm saving. I'M A HERO 👑

6. When you think about it, kinda gross. Animal flesh is often contaminated with feces, blood and other bodily fluids. Eww no wonder its top source of food poisoning! 🤢

7. Your sitting there with steak, Sausages and a side of bacon while there is people in the world with no food. It takes tons of crops to raise farmed animals. If all that plant food was ate by us directly there would be more food to feed the hungry. Guilty ✋

8. Don't be fooled pigs are smarter then you think! Animals used for food are every bit as intelligent and able to suffer just as much as your dog or cat home. Guys, pigs can play video games, come on!🐷🎮

9. All the cool kids are doing it from Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Arianna Grande just to name a few. Everyone jumping on the Vegan band wagon.

10. SAVE THE GOD DAMN WORLD! Meat production is wasteful and causes enormous amounts of pollution, its one of the biggest causes of climate change. Furthermore its proven that a vegan diet or even making little changes to cruelty-free products is way more effective then switching to a 'greener' car in the fight against climate change 🌍💚

There's your 10! I hope this gives you a little inspiration to make a difference and gives a little taster of why being a cruelty-free company is so important to us 🐰

But feel free to ask any questions! Do you have a favorite cruelty-free product you'd like to share? Let us all know! What are you going to change in 2021? To join us in Veganuary to go Veganuary.com and pledge for free!



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