Why shop custom footwear instead of shopping in the high-street you may ask ? 
Buying custom clothing and footwear have numerous advantages that you may not know about because its never able accessible to you before, however with ANAM STUDIOS is never been easier to shop sustainable custom footwear ! 
Here are just a taster of why custom footwear is the new way to shop : 
  • As a 5ft 10in woman with a size 9 WIDE FOOT, I can tell you now from personal experience that buying shoes was the burden of my life. NO JOKE! All my life I have  scars, cuts and bruises on my feet from wearing shoes too small because most retailers only stock up to an EU 8 for women. 
Why do retailers expect us to fit into these small size ranges, when we all have different feet! We do not accept that carry on for our clothing, why are we accepting it when it comes to our footwear ?! 

I've literally spent years researching brands worldwide trying to find someone who carries my size. I got to a point I would have paid ANYTHING to get a comfortable pair of shoes that suit my wild style and that would LAST !
However, came up with nothing. I cant tell how many times I've walked into a store and seen a beautiful pair of shoes, exactly what I am looking for, I just wanted to chop my feet off and swap them for a dainty size 5 but no ! Unfortunately life doesn't work like that. 

If your anyway like me, struggling in getting shoes that fit you properly or even just in the correct size, custom is the only way to go ! 
  • Something you may not know is that large footwear companies produce enormous quantities, I mean hundreds of thousands of the same shoe before it even reaches the market.
Paying an underpaid, over worked, work force overseas in an unsafe environments for people and the planet, cutting corners to create more stock and quickly to get the price point down.
    This is Fast Fashion folks and it needs to be stopped!
    (To find out more about how fast fashion is effecting our planet and the people who work in this industry > See FUCK FAST FASHION blog post) 

     What happens to all the shoes that do not get sold? Yeap, you guessed it, goes straight into the piling wasteland that is destroying our climate. 

    Here at ANAM STUDIOS, unlike other major footwear companies,



    Our shoes are made one at a time by our incredibly skilled Italian craftsmen and women.

    When you order ANAM STUDIOS shoes, they are not coming from a sweatshop, your shoes are coming straight from the crafts-person hand to your door ! 

    Therefore, because your shoes are being made especially for you we have eliminated the colossal amount of waste that is normally generated to little or no waste at all ! Its a better for our employees, our customer receives a higher quality product and the planet will thank you for it too !


    • When you order custom with ANAM STUDIOS, not only have great extreme comfort but great wear and longevity.
    Our shoes are made in one of the top fashion hubs in the world for custom footwear. Informally known as the "Shoe Valley" in Italy, is where custom shoes are made for the International designer brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel ....and the list just goes on from the top designer businesses to independent bespoke design houses. 
    The point is your getting the highest possible quality product that will be in your life and can keep for years to come ! 
    • Not only will you have exclusive bragging rights for buying unique designer footwear, made by hand especially for you, sustainably, ethically, cruelty-free ( no animals will be harmed to make our shoes under our watch ), your shoes even comes in there own custom shoe box !


    If thats not exciting enough for you there is
    -You have a 100% satification guarantee.
    If there is any problems at all, you can return the shoes free of charge with no questions asked !
    (Which is super rare for a custom shoe brand)
    So at long last there is a brand out there for everyone!
    NO size requirements, NO age, NO gender!
    Just good old ethical custom cruelty free unisex sustainable designer footwear,
    Italian made,designed right here in Ireland.  

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